The Pinnacle of Custom Software (and a few other things)

From advanced software (like custom logistics solutions or predictive intelligence) to data solutions (like data mining, analysis, and data products), SnapiSoft produces the best. But that's not all...

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What We Do

We combine expertise.
Here are a few of the capabilities we can apply to your project.

  • Data Products

    Advanced data science built into highly-functioning software systems... get data, process data, and put it to work.
  • Growth Engineering

    We don’t call it digital marketing. We call it growth engineering… highly analytical methods that really deliver.
  • Cloud Infrastructure

    The machines that make it all happen... we’ll make sure your product has the horsepower it needs for maximum performance and security.
  • Database Design and Implementation

    High-performing databases are the core of custom that respond to the user in real-time, at the click of a button.
  • In-house Software

    Logistics platforms, customer portals, and other in-house web-based tools
  • eCommerce

    Websites that really sell. We can build it custom from the ground-up, or develop on any existing eCommerce platform.
  • Corporate Websites

    Beautiful, custom-design web presence to let your visitors know what you’re all about.
  • Software as a Service

    Want to sell your software solution? We can build it for you from the ground-up.
  • Data Mining

    Find data anywhere... dig it up, and put it to work.
  • Predictive Intelligence

    Software that make our lives easier... telling us things that we need to know, when we need to know them.
  • APIs

    Pluggable software that gives your coworkers, your organization, or the world access to what they need.
  • User-centric Design

    Always design for your users... the best software doesn’t mean a thing if it can’t be easily and intuitively used.
  • Responsive Design

    Your workforce, your customers, and the world are mobile...give everyone what they need, no matter what devicethey are using.

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The SnapiSoft Team

We are a group of engineers, computer scientists, data scientists, graphic designers, database administrators, business professionals, growth engineers, and information technology professionals.

Jeff Sager

Jeff Sager

CEO, Lead Systems Engineer

Jeff Sager, a former US Marine, has spent the last 17 years writing software for various domestic and international companies. Jeff has designed and written management systems for companies ranging from small startups up to large international post offices and logistics companies.

Jon Ezra

Jon Ezra

CTO, Senior Software Engineer

Jon Ezra has been at the industry forefront developing consumer-centric software for 15 years. Jon designed, developed and implemented highly custom information systems for state government associations, several major universities, the nation's leading casino game developer, a handful of e-commerce startups and a multitude of health insurance and logistics organizations.

Justin Rosenthal

Justin Rosenthal

President, Chief Data Scientist

Justin Rosenthal is a brilliant data scientist, growth engineer, marketing guru, and in general, an exceptionally organized individual. Over the past decade he has engineered many highly-successful end-to-end digital marketing and SEO programs for ecommerce businesses.

Dustin Bosley

Senior Developer

Andrew Strausbaugh


Caleb Klein


Sam Ge

Senior Developer

Kevin LeFevre

Designer / Developer

Dan Kinard

Support Analyst / Developer

Kathy Malodonado

Support Analyst / Developer

April Sager

HR Director / Bookkeeper

Jeff Sharp

Senior QA / Tester

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